Artistic Director Jennifer Lunn has been selected to be a writer in residence at Theatr Clwyd in April 2020. She will spend two weeks living at Gladstones Library, working on various writing projects, visiting Theatr Clwyd to watch rehearsals and meet the team and will also deliver a workshop at Gladstones.

Having been shortlisted for the Verity Bargate Award and longlisted for the Bruntwood Prize in 2017, Es & Flo by Culturcated Artistic Director Jennifer Lunn will go into production at Wales Millenium Centre this summer. Working with Theatre Uncut Artistic Director Emma Callander and WMC Exec Producer Padraig Cusack, Jennifer is delighted to be bringing her first play to the Weston Studio and audiences in Cardiff. Details of how to

Culturcated are excited to be working with Pola Arts Foundation on developing a mixed reality piece around the experience of witnessing domestic abuse – The Truth that Lies between Us (working title) They have been offered a week’s residency at Theatre Delicatessen’s Old Library venue in London and will be spending that time working with a couple of actors to create the characters and basic narrative that will form the backbone

Culturcated is excited to be collaborating with writer/performer Amie Taylor on her exciting new solo show – Going to Mars. After a hugely successful first outing as part of BAC’s scratch programme, Jennifer Lunn and Amie have worked on developing a full length show exploring the undiscovered country of adulthood. See an excerpt of the show as part of Clapham Omnibus’s Engine Room programme on May 24th. For tickets click here.


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