The Truth That Lies Between Us

Working in collaboration with Pola Arts Foundation Culturcated is developing a mixed reality immersive experience which explores the experience of witnessing domestic abuse.

Jennifer Lunn from Culturcated and Paulina Latham from Pola Arts are co-creators of the piece which encourages audiences to question everything, including their own biases and assumptions, when it comes to domestic abuse in its various forms.

In October 2017 Culturcated was offered a research and development residency at Theatre Delicatessen London and were supported by Pola Arts Foundation.

The team spent a week working with performers, academics and drama therapists on the creation of a narrative and some content. This work led to further investigations into how potential form and structure would allow audiences the most successful access into the experience.

The week culminated in a sharing of content and ideas with immersive theatre experts, social care professionals and other artists.

The project will continue to develop in 2018.

Co-creators – Paulina Latham and Jennifer Lunn

Performers – Maggie Saunders and Colin Campbell

Special thanks to: Emma Blackman and Roland Smith from Theatre Delicatessen, Natalie Scott and Joseph Thorpe from Lab Collective, Dr Claire McNeil.