William Shakespeare

Co-produced with the Jack Studio Theatre

23rd October – 10th November 2012


London: a city where people are at war with each other; where rumours, whispers and social networking spread jealousy and mistrust with dangerous consequences.


This sell-out production used Shakespeare’s original text and featured a cast of emerging young professionals.


Director:                                                   Jennifer Lunn

Set and Lighting design:                 Hayley Burke

Fight Direction:                                                      Rachel Bown-Williams and Ruth Cooper-Brown for RC-Annie


Cast:                        Ntonga ‘Tango’ Mwanza

Jamael Westman

Ricky Sharma

Alex Rand

Gary Roe

Sofia Stuart

Zainab Hassan

Matthew Haigh

Elspeth McNeil

Elizabeth Alabi



“Assured performances and a sincere, focussed vision… The young cast and the stark intimate space produce an updated version of the 1604 play which is unpretentious and heartfelt… relevant and moving.”

One Stop Arts


“Culturcated Theatre Company pulls off a stunning performance of Othello that works so well in a South East London Council estate that it almost feels like it was written for it.”

What’s Peen Seen