Leaves on the Line

A new musical by Matthew Knowles

Jack Studio Theatre

24th-28th July 2007


Director and Designer: Jennifer Lunn

Set realisation: Nathaniel Lunn

Musical Direction: Timothy Allen


Cast: Georgie Fellows, James Hayward, Paul Hutchinson, Kathryn Duffy, Leighton House, Anita Adams, Christopher Berry, Katherine James, Steve Blacker.




‘As the play flowed from scene to scene and song to dance (there was actually only one dance) the script draws you into the characters and gradually they start to link up. Without giving too much away, Leaves on the Line cleverly entwines narratives and periods – quite a feat on such a small scale. The script, music and accompanying lyrics, by award winner Matthew Knowles, were fantastic, and had us singing all the way home. Memorable performances here included waitress Hazel’s ‘Another Cup of Coffee’ and philosophic train announcer Olive’s glorious ‘The Girl Who Was Perpetually Late’… The performance was flawless.’