Falkland Sound

Louise Page

Based on A Message from the Falklands by David Tinker

Co-produced with Concordance at the Finborough Theatre

20th August – 14th September 2002


Director and Designer: Jennifer Lunn

Lighting: Alex Watson



Edward Jaspers and Simon Wright




‘Director Jennifer Lunn stages this very simply, letting the words speak for themselves. Within this ordinariness, of course, lies the pathosof the piece: Whatever the cost of a life lost at war, the piece is at its most interesting when hinting at the emotional sacrifice of a life spent almost entirely away from home.’



‘The most emotionally packed short play I have ever seen. If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. It is a very affecting evening.’



‘Wright is admirably self-effacing as David’s dad – he’s rumpled and wistful, but never seeks more of the attention than the little that the play offers him. Jaspers exudes High Grant-like charm as David, whose nice-but-dim demeanour hides no small compassion. They hold our attention with their words alone.’

Evening Standard