Culturcated has been working in the Evelina Children’s Hospital School for many years but spring 2015 saw us teaming up with Mat McPherson of Film Club to create short films with students on the dialysis ward.

These students are schooled at the hospital three days a week when they attend their dialysis sessions. Over five weeks Jennifer and Mat looked at story, basic filming techniques and language and design and then created the films using both filming and stop motion. Mat edited them together brilliantly and on our final day we had a screening of all the films, complete with popcorn for everyone!!

A big thank you to all the staff who put up with us messing about with cameras, playdoh, paper planes and playmobil people for five weeks.

And huge congratulations to the kids who were the best directors/camera operators and performers we’d ever worked with!!

Since we finished this project Mohammad has had his transplant so we wish him and his family all the best.

The Plane Who Became Famous – by Luca

Little Red Elsa – by Miracle

Open His Head by Mohammad

Chicken or Egg by Abass

Boy meets Girl by Molly